Sure, we love the beaches, the weather, the stunning scenery, and the endless opportunities for recreation and relaxation  - but the Sunshine State also offers abundant opportunities for businesses and investors. The Florida economy is robust, and growing even stronger, thanks to thriving tourism, international trade, aerospace and aviation, and the agricultural markets. If you are interested in commercial real estate, it’s all about location, location, location. And this one’s optimal.

Why invest in Florida commercial real estate (CRE)?

  1. The Florida economy. As mentioned, the economic engine is humming along like a well-oiled machine. The state’s ranked as the 5th fastest growing in the country.
  2. It’s business-friendly. The climate is markedly pro-industry and pro-business. With advantageous tax structures and comprehensive employee training programs, it’s paradise, even if you don’t like beaches!
  3. Low vacancies. Combined with a growing population, this creates a prime climate for investors.
  4. #1 in CRE investment. Florida is ranked first in the nation for CRE investment. (Ask any KW Commercial realtor and he or she will tell you the same!)
  5. Other global and national rankings. The Sunshine State ranks #18 in world economics and #11 in best states for infrastructure.
  6. Cost-friendly. Compared to markets like New York and San Francisco, Florida is a veritable bargain. 
  7. Climate. We don’t just mean the weather - though that is a significant selling point! The low unemployment rate, growing Florida economy, strong population growth, and other factors make the Sunshine State an investor’s market. 

A commercial realtor with keen inside knowledge and local, regional, national, and international connections is a critical ally in ensuring you see the returns you need, build a healthy portfolio, and achieve your investment goals. Contact KW Commercial to start the process. Florida commercial real estate is ripe for the picking!

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