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Looking for a prime vacation destination? The Sunshine State delivers year-round temperatures designed to keep you at the beach. Want to relocate so you can enjoy culture, shopping, and amenities as wide as the Atlantic? This southeastern mecca beckons. And when it comes to the top states for business, Florida is also a winner.

Florida made the #2 spot in Chief Executive’s list of top states for business, bested only by Texas. The magazine examines aspects such as taxes and regulation, workforce, and living environment.

Taxation Score: 8.38

No income tax states tend to attract businesses. Florida received an 8.38 score, out of a possible 10, for taxes and regulation. Also attractive to companies is the qualified target industry refund. If your organization is in a “high-value” industry and creates high-wage jobs, you may be eligible for corporate income and sales tax refunds (and possibly more).

But Florida is more than just one of the no income tax states. In addition to tax incentives, Florida offers "sunshine" incentives.

Terissa Aronson, St. Lucie County Chamber of Commerce president, says, “There’s only two states where you can go to the beach and Disney all on the same day.” (And the other state… well, it made Chief Executive’s list too. At the very bottom.)

Ms. Aronson’s Martin County counterpart, Joe Catrambone, says, “It’s our climate, in general… I don’t care what your business is, you can do business here for 12 months of the year. Our climate and the economy are leading people here.”

So is Florida’s workforce. With aggressive training initiatives, businesses have access to the talent they need to thrive. Chambers of Commerce throughout the state have been integral in pushing through business-friendly incentives, recognizing that it benefits industry, the economy, and the people of their fair state.

So, Texas, we’re coming for you. Florida is not content to be #2 for long! The commercial environment will keep striving to improve and offer businesses - like yours - the incentives they need to make Florida home.

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